*** Colony War related Changes ***

Colony area is divided into 3 leagues as below.

-League A: Abertal / Bahama, Swamp of Peril / Katovic Snowfield / Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Area 2 / Deserted Quay
-League B: Via Fluvial / Lago Celeste / Garden of the King / Tetra Hill / El Lago de Tres Hermanas / Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Zone 1
-League C: Jezebel Glen / Rion Plain / Ferruccio Junction / El Tejado Verde / Pradera de Ceniza / Old Port of Coimbra / Bonavista River

Poeple can apply the Colony War league participation 30 minutes before the Colony War start/ 30 minutes after the Colony War end.

Royalist Party can apply in the Reception Hall and Republican Party can apply in the Villa de Libertad. Neutral Party can apply in the both places.

Colony Compensations are decided according to leagues.

League A: 50% of a total market deposit, League B: 30% of a total market deposit, League C: 20% of a total market deposit

Ex. In case a market deposit is 1,000,000 Vis, a compensation for a faction that has occupied 2 colonies in league A is as below.
Contributed amount to league A: 500,000 Vis -> 100,000 Vis is contributed to each colony -> the faction occupied 2 colonies -> total 200,000 Vis acquired

A family without any faction cannot attack the colony and other families, also doesn't get attacked by other families.

Descriptions have been added to Contribution Rate/Purchase Point taps in Clique Battle Help.

A new siege item, 'Valkyries Crasher [Catapult]' has been added.

- It can be summoned in faction colony war and has a long range and strong ATK.
- A user can have it up to 5 and it is not duplicated in inventory.
(If a user has 5 pieces of it, faction activity point is provided once the user clicks the reward box).
- It is disappeared once another kind of Valkyries Crasher is summoned.
- It's untradeable and lasts for 7 days.

If colony upgrade through Colony Manager has been completed, Colony Guardian can be summoned again after its death.

Colony HP regeneration while a summoned Colony Guardian is not in combat status has been highly increased.

During Colony War, in channel 1, squad is impossible if they are not in a same faction regardless of league participation.

- League participation was distinguished before.

Thank you.