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    March Update - Clique Battle Change Details !!!

    *** Clique Battle changes ***


    - Regardless of faction affiliations, players enter the battle randomly depending on the number of people.

    - Faction members enter to the same camp.

    Ex. If the first entry members of A faction is arranged to Lealtard, the following entry members
    of A faction will be arranged to Lealtard.

    - If a family doesn't belong to a faction, the family is arranged to a camp that has a low participating number.

    - While re-entering Clique Battle, a family enters the camp that the family has been arranged in the day.

    - A family cannot enter after 5pm if the family doesn't have entry records before 5pm.

    - Neutral Party could enter 5 minutes after the Clique Battle starts. This part has been deleted.

    - Based on faction rank scores acquired from the last week's Clique Battle, players are entered
    to each camp equally.

    Ex. In case A faction which acquired 1000 points last week enters Lealtard and B faction which
    acquired 2000 points last week enters Gleischutellung, then the next faction is entered in
    Lealtard to equalize the total points of both camps.

    - A family without a faction is entered to a camp which has a lower total score by calculating
    Contribution Rate acquired from the last week.

    - Actually the Contribution Rate is not reflected to a family without a faction. So the
    Contribution Rate acquired before is stored in server through an internal calculus.


    - Belongs to a faction : In case of win, Contribution Rate +2500, Purchase Point +500 / In case of lose, Contribution Rate +2000, Purchase Point +500

    - Doesn't belong to a faction : Regardless of the results, Purchase Point +500

    - Leaders of factions that are from the first place to the fifth place can receive the Clique Battle Reward Box regardless of faction affiliations.

    - Players who belong to Pegadilla cannot receive the Clique Battle participation reward any longer.
    The name of retained [Blessing of Mercenaries] buff will be changed to [Past Glory].

    - After Clique Battle, players can receive their rewards according to their ranks of this week from Reception Hall and Villa de Libertad.

    Relevant Contents

    - Title buffs which were applied depending on Lealtard, Gleischtellung and Pegadilla have been integrated.

    - 'Pass of Gerar' will be removed. The retained item will be changed to the paid purchase point or paid money.

    - The medals were obtained from the betrayal quests cannot be acquired any longer. Retained medals are maintained.

    - Redemption effect is applied during invincible buff. (It's not affected by debuffs like Whole
    Cancellation, etc.)

    - Able to attack enemies during Invincible status but the ATK is highly decreased. Move SPD decrease effect has been removed.


    - Clique Battle Title UIs and Clique Battle Faction Rank UIs have been integrated.

    - There are some changes in Clique Battle Help UI, and Contribution Rate/Purchase Point taps have been added to the UI.

    - Players can check current records and accrued records separately through checking My Information in Clique Battle UI.

    - In the Clique Battle area, the message displayed by clicking dish of a squad member has been changed.

    Thank you.

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    Lealtard >_< what is this kind of the Word ?
    Gleischtellung or Gleichstellung ?

    Royalists and Respublicans was way better, lol)
    PHP Code:

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    Lealtard = Esmero) If i'm right understand ur question
    Family Santa

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    lealtad = republican/soveran =P

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    Can factions without affiliations receive cb box rewards regardless of faction lvl?

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    Seems interesting changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurogamez View Post
    *** Clique Battle changes ***


    Ex. If the first entry members of A faction is arranged to Lealtard, the following entry members
    of A faction will be arranged to Lealtard.

    Thank you.
    D'awww I loled.

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