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    Armonia Update detail on 22nd of July next week !

    Dear Fans of GEEU,

    We are happy to announce this Armonia Update List and hope more people can enjoy this great update. Many things are added and fixed and we will keep up to bring good features on this server!
    *Some part can be changed on patch day next week.

    1. Lyndon Box Event
    2. For all people Event - in-game quest event.
    3. Armonia Raid Event
    4. Armonia Mission Event
    5. Armonia Sirius Event
    6. Playtime Event

    *** 1. Armonia Contents ***

    1) The new area 'Armonia' will be added.

    - Armonia / Armonia Cathedral / Armonia Anilio / Armonia Apostadero / Armonia Latina / Armonia En Celar areas will be added.
    - It is able to move to 'Armonia Anilio' by talking to 'Zeppelin' NPC in Kielce, Laboratory

    2) Armonia scenario quest will be added.

    - This quest can start once a family enters the town after completing Vincent recruitment quest."

    3) A new recruitment NPC 'Sirius' will be added.

    - After completing Armonia scenario quest, this quest can start by talking to Sirius NPC in the Armonia Cathedral.
    - Sirius exclusive stance ring, skill rings and job skill ring have been added.

    4) New Armonia boss monsters will be added.

    - Armonia, Latina: 'Abyss Bear' and 'Abyss Wolf' are created within 1 to 2 hours.
    - Armonia, En Celar: 'Abyss Sorrow' and 'Abyss Gloom' are created and regenerated as follows when they are defeated.

    Defeated Sun - Regenerated between Tue ~ Wed
    Defeated Mon - Regenerated between Tue ~ Wed
    Defeated Tue - Regenerated between Sat ~ Sun
    Defeated Wed - Regenerated between Sat ~ Sun
    Defeated Thu - Regenerated between Sat ~ Sun
    Defeated Fri - Regenerated between Sat ~ Sun
    Defeated Sat - Regenerated between Tue ~ Wed

    5) Armonia raid and mission events will be added.

    a. Raid Event

    - From 19:00 to 21:00 everyday, the object 'Gate of Abyss' is created in the following areas and 'Abyss Sorrow' appears after 10 minutes.
    - Gate of Abyss creation area: Errac, Land of Night/ Bahama, the Heaven’s Altar/ Chaos Requiem, Corazon de Gigante/ Mansion of Dr. Torsche, Annex/ Al Quelt Moreza, Nartex
    - Once the Abyss Sorrow is defeated after midnight, the Gate of Abyss is not created within the day.

    b. Mission Event

    - A certain number of 'Mysterious Gate NPC' is created in all areas of Granado Espada.
    - A family with Family Level 15 and above can enter the Hole of Abyss (Event Mission)' by clicking the NPC and the NPC is removed after entering.
    - The mission is a daily mission. It is able to re-enter the mission through other gates in case of failure but unable to re-enter in case of success to complete.

    * How to proceed

    - After entering the mission, the 'Mysterious Gate' is created in the center of the zone map and and 'Sanctum NPC' is created around the map.
    - Monsters are created from the 'Mysterious Gate NPC' and a character (1MCC) becomes incapable of combat by monster's hit.
    - White effect and black effect are created after a certain period.
    - White Effect: Invincible buff is applied to a character when it is going up.
    - Black Effect: Monster's move speed increases when a character is going up.
    - A random reward can be acquired by activating the Sanctum NPC while avoiding the black effect and monsters.
    - Character's movement speed is fixed (same speed in the air and on the ground), and skills cannot be used.
    - There is no additional reward.

    c. Common Reward

    - The new armor's 'Recipe - Santo De Blanc (Warlock)' and the recipe's material items can be acquired with a certain chance.

    6) Dark Priest' mission will be added.

    - Able to enter through 'Memento Mori, Bible' NPC in Armonia, Apostadero.
    - Able to enter once a day.

    7) Armonia weapon and armor will be added.

    - Armonia weapon recipe can be acquired through 'Lycose' NPC in the Cathedral after collecting all the 5 Abyss Pieces (Fear, Madness, Chaos, Rage, Hatred).
    - 'Recipe - Santo De Blanc (Warlock)' can be acquired with a certain probability by defeating 'Abyss Gloom' and 'Abyss Sorrow' in Armonia, En Celar.
    - Able to create weapon and armor through 'Bryan' NPC in Armonia, Apostadero.
    - Armonia weapon and armor can be equipped by High Master and above.

    8) Armonia daily quest will be added.

    - A quest mail is delivered after entering Armonia, Anilio.
    - Able to proceed with the quest through Want Ad Board NPC in Armonia, Apostadero.

    9) New field second boss monster will be added.

    - Area: Bahama, Prophet’s Forest / Rio Albi / Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Area 3 / The Crater of Joaquin / Thueringenwald
    - It appears at regular intervals after server open. Appears 5 times up to 7 times in a week.
    - Appears in channel 1 of each area.
    - Materials for acquiring Armonia weapon recipe can be obtained through the monster.

    10) Story Book system will be added.

    - Can be checked in Main - Inventory - Story Book.
    - 'Page' item which is acquired through various routes can be added in the story book by double clicking.
    - 'Page' item can be used redundantly until all pages of the corresponding story book are gathered. The item cannot be traded and discarded but can be sold at NPC shop.
    - 'One page of the Secret Memoir of Armonia - The First Contractor' and 'One page of the Secret Memoir of Armonia - The Apostle of Death' can be acquired by hunting in Armonia, En Celar.
    - Pages will be added continuously.

    11) Vincent recruitment condition will be modified easier.

    - Vincent recruitment quest can start once Andre is included in the team after completing [Sympathy for Dilos Latemn] quest.

    12) Holy Water of Armonia is provided after completing some Armonia scenario quests.

    - [Glorious Sanctuary] Anilio
    - [Glorious Sanctuary] The Reality of Armonia
    - [Glorious Sanctuary] The Cathedral of Light
    - [Glorious Sanctuary] The Faith of Sirius
    - [Glorious Sanctuary] Resolution of a Crusader
    - [Glorious Sanctuary] For the Rest of Heroes

    Once the 3rd stage of a quest among the quests above completed, Holy Water of Armonia will be provided.

    13) High Master' promotion will be added.

    - A character with Master level 10 100% can be promoted to High Master through Master, Guardian NPC in each town by consuming 500 Shiny Crystals.
    - A character with Master level 11 and above will be promoted to High Master automatically after the update.
    - A character promoted High Master can accept 'La Atencion' ceremony from 'Pope, Ludio II' NPC in the Armonia Cathedral.
    - After the ceremony, ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, Max HP +5000 effects will be applied.
    - 'Tears of Sara' item is consumed for the La Atencion ceremony. The item can be purchased at 200,000 Feso from Feso Shop.
    - Master promotion notice will be deleted and High Master promotion notice will be added in the corresponding area.

    14) Degenerate' buff will be applied with a certain probability from the Armonia zone entry.

    - 'Degenerate' buff increases up to level 250. (increased 1 by 1)
    - 'Degenerate' buff decreases in Armonia and the Armonia Cathedral area. And the buff decreases faster when Praying pose is taken within 20m from 'Saint, Anis' NPC in the Cathedral.
    - Able to decrease the level by using the 'Holy Water of Armonia'.

    a. Holy Water of Armonia

    - Decreases 20 levels of [Degenerate] buff
    - Cannot be used if [Degenerate] buff is not applied.
    - Once a character uses the Holy Water of Armonia, the character is marked on the left side of window and system message tap of chat window.

    b. Refined Holy Water of Armonia

    - This item is used in 'Cursed Land' mission only.
    - Cannot be used if [Curse of Abyss] buff is not applied.

    c. Common

    - A notification window appears upon use of the item.
    - The waiting time to reuse the item will be decreased from 5 sec to 1 sec.
    - 'Holy Water of Armonia' can be received from 'Priest, Baruch' in the Armonia Cathedral as a reward of daily quest or can be purchased with White Gold Bar.
    - [Degenerate] buff's increasing amount and decreasing amount are applied differently depending on characters.
    - A character which [Degenerate] buff is applied cannot be recruited.

    15) Armonia Coin can be exchanged through Art Dealer, Ruben NPC in Armonia.

    16) In case both of '[Daily] Asphodel Collecting' quest and '[Glorious Sanctuary] The Cathedral of Light' quest are in progress at the same time and Asphodels are acquired, only the number of acquired Asphodel from the daily quest was increased. - will be fixed

    17) While proceeding with '[Daily] For Them' quest, the quest item will be dropped by clicking 'crusader died in the war' in Armonia, En Celar.

    18) Once a player use the quest warp function to move to Armonia, En Celar, the player is moved to the 'Armonia, Apostadero' warp.

    19) [Daily] Isolated Citizens' quest was unable to proceed after completing '[Daily] Injured Crusader' and '[Daily] Supplies of the Punitive Force' quests first. ? will be fixed.

    20) 'Armonia, Ancient En Celar' dungeon will be added for high master level-up.

    - Able to enter the zone through 'Armonia, Ancient En Celar' npc in 'Armonia'
    - 'Blessing of En Celar' buff from the item, 'Ancient En Celar Pass' must be activated to enter.
    - 300,000 Feso is required to purchase 'Ancient En Celar Pass - 7 days' in Feso Shop.
    - 'Ancient Abyss Sorrow' and 'Ancient Abyss Gloom' appear in this area.
    - Hunting quests are receivable from the notice board located in the entrance.

    * Unable to enter 'Armonia, Ancient En Celar' by using Explorer Pack or Returnee buff."

    *** 2. Faction ***

    1) When same faction member got attacked and immobilized, the information of attacking member will not be in system message.

    2) When same faction people's hostile status become released automatically after for a while, the problem that the character recognizing icon is not changed, will be fixed.

    3) When the enemy status by consented declaring war established between the factions that don't have enough declaring war point, the malfunction of ceasefire request will be fixed.

    4) Faction invitation UI will be changed.

    - People can check more detailed faction information.
    - The grace period information will be added in the Faction invitation UI.

    5) Grace period will be set for formal faction creation.

    -New created faction will have 10 days of grace period.
    -After grace period, faction can be authorized by Pioneering Officer in town (Minimum 5 families should be joined).
    -During the grace period, faction cannot proceed faction missions, faction level-up, declaring-war, join-Colony-War and using-faction-inventory.
    -All factions that created before this update will become formal factions without any limitation.

    6) Faction Creation UI will have the information of faction-leaving-penalty.

    7) When changing the faction leader, confirmation message box will be added.

    8) When a family who don't have faction attacks King Dragon Head of Basement Lab. In Lucifer castle, he will be in hostile relationship with people who have faction.

    9) The wrong information case of faction-leaving-penalty will be fixed.

    10) The right click popup menu of Faction Member List was appeared behind the Faction UI. This problem has been fixed.

    11) When a faction leader was proceeding with a Kielce scenario quest related to Simon Ayende, the leader couldn’t join in Republican party. This will be fixed.

    *** 3. Raid ***

    1) The wrong regeneration time case of King Kastor and Wrath Devil in Lucifer castle will be fixed.

    2) Some Field Raid difficulties and rewards will be change with upwards.

    - Sharffenberger the Cursed

    Abilities of Sharffenberger the Cursed and Mein monsters will be upgraded.
    Players can attack Sharffenberger the Cursed after defeating all Mein monsters first.
    The previous summon method will be removed and monsters will be regenerated in certain locations.

    - Diablo

    Can enter Sacred Dungeon through the well in Pradera de Ceniza.
    Levels and stats of normal monsters of Sacred Dungeon have been upgraded.
    Diablo's stats have been upgraded.

    - Uraeus

    Uraeus's stats will be upgraded.
    The procedure will be changed.

    - Novia

    Stats of Novia monster will be increased.
    Novia's AI will be modified.
    Levels and stats of normal monsters in the Tower of Ice Wizard will be increased.


    Stats of Einwind monster will be increased.
    Einwind's AI will be modified.
    Regeneration rates of normal monsters in the Silent Maze Sanctuary will be slightly decreased.
    Levels and stats of normal monsters in the Silent Maze Sanctuary will be increased.

    - Common

    Regenerated within 24 ~ 48 hours.
    Novia and Einwind will be regenerated within 36 hours up to 72 hours.
    Materials of new Artifacts can be obtained from the changed raid boss monsters.
    Elite Le Noir, General Plate items can be acquired with a certain probability.

    * Sekhmet and Argus raids will be updated soon.

    3) In Viron, the Clock Tower 4th Floor, in case the Epitaphs of the upstairs and the downstairs were activated, the boss monster in the upstairs didn’t appear. this will be fixed.

    - If the boss monster downstairs is defeated, the Epitaph in upstairs is activated.

    4) The 'Perfect Fordoi' which is created during the battle against 'Dark Garim' in Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory will not drop items relevant to EXP acquisition and mega minerals any longer.

    5) In Gigante, Fire/Ice/Lightning/Dark Celberoses disappeared when they moved far away from the place where they were created. This will be fixed.

    *** 4. Market ***

    1) Special bracelet name will be added in type of Market search.

    2) When searching the accessaries in market, the problem that people cannot see the enhance count will be fixed.

    3) When searching the enhanced accessaries in market, the problem that sometimes not possible to get the search result will be fixed.

    4) When searching the normal items with enhance value in market, the problem that sometimes not possible to get the search result will be fixed.

    5) When searching the normal items with enhance value in market, the problem that sometimes not possible to get the search result will be fixed.

    6) When double clicking a character card registered in Market, another character's information was displayed. This will be fixed.

    *** 5. Maps ***

    1) When being knock-backed during entering Dead Land, the problem that key is consumed but not moving the area, will be fixed.

    2) People can summon other family in Island of Fire, this will be fixed.

    3) Battle Colosseum will be deleted and the item will be provided from other place.

    - The Hero Token will be given from the Reboldoeux Culverts.
    - The Royal Myconid in Bahama, the Prophet’s Forest drops quantities of Elementiums.
    - The required item for the Seal Ointment quest will be changed from Elementium to Kryptonite."

    4) The worldmap's some connection route will be changed.

    *** 6. Mission ***

    1) Buff rewarding NPC will be added in some floor of Tigres Prison area.

    - Through Olivia NPC in missions, useful random buffs are provided 15 times from each floor.
    - Required items and quantities are as follows.

    B5F - 2 of Enchannt Chip Vetrran
    B6F - 3 of Enchannt Chip Vetrran
    B7F - 3 of Enchannt Chip Vetrran
    B8F - 2 of Enchannt Chip Expert
    B9F - 2 of Enchannt Chip Expert
    Cementerio - 3 of Enchannt Chip Expert

    - Provided buffs are as follows. Buffs are disappeared by moving zones.

    Will of Bristia : AR. +1
    Power of Bristia : ATK +40%
    Eyes of Bristia : Penetration +15
    Sword of Bristia : AR. +2, ATK +20%, ATK SPD +20%
    Shield of Bristia : DR. +2, DEF +20, Magic RES +20
    Blessing of Bristia : AR. +4, DR. +4, ATK +30%, Penetration +10"

    2) Infinito Challenge mission will be added.

    - Able to enter up to 5 times a day by talking to Infinito Challenge NPC created in the Bounty Hunters Guild area.
    - Round reset is available from round 11, and [Shiny Crystal * 50] are consumed per 1 round reset.
    Ex) In case of round 11, 550 Shiny Crystals are required to reset.

    - Total of 35 types of monster and 16 kinds of mission map are added.

    - Procedure

    After entering a mission, the zone map and monsters' stats and types (species, damage types and etc.) are randomly decided.
    A random reward can be acquired by defeating a boss monster and additional dropped rewards are provided according to round levels.
    Monsters' stats increase in proportion to round levels.
    A random reward can be acquired by defeating a boss monster and there is no additional reward.

    - The Bounty Hunters Guild Warp is created after defeating a boss monster. (If the warp is not created in a certain situation, it is created in the entry zone.)

    3) When doing Demonic Secret Tower, the problem that the normal monsters not disappear after defeating General Guard, will be fixed.

    4) The reward box location will be the location that the boss monster show up first in faction mission "Curse of Red Sunset Forest"

    5) In the faction mission "Disaster of Stone Pit Area", friendly summoned forces will not disappear when destroying the Earth Quaker.

    6) In mission "A mere Boy", Lisa and Brunie monster's ability will be increased.

    7) In Faction mission "Disaster of Stone Pit Area", the problem that summons attacked the Fallen Rock will be fixed.

    8) Faction mission's finishing time point will be changed to when the treasure chest clicked. And the complete finishing time period will be changed from 3 mins to 1 min 30 sec.

    9) The ranking notice displayed after the end of faction mission will be changed to appear 30 sec after clicking the treasure chest.

    10) The attack range of Cortes in mission "Time Piece - Cortes" will be increased from 15m to 25m.

    11) Some of Bounty Hunters Guild missions will be changed.

    - In Demonic Sphinx, Minotauros, Medusa missions, the probability of awakened boss appearance will be doubled.
    - The quantity of Sun Stone obtained by defeating awakened boss will be increased.

    12) The remaining time of the mission, which is renewed when boss monster of Demonic Castilla is awakened, will be increased from 15 min to 30 min.

    13) Faction mission's ending time will be decided depending on the number of players remained in the mission.

    - Ex. The mission will end after 1 min 30 sec like before if there is 1 squad (12 players) or below is remained. 30 sec is added to mission time if there are 2 squads and above remained.

    14) The Republican Sniper and Royalist Musketeer's level in Tierra De La Sed will be canged to 200.

    - When attacked by this Sniper or Musketeer, some buff will be erased.

    15) Uraeus Egg' was created in the Tigres Prison B1F mission. This problem will be fixed.

    16) In the Dangerous Delivery mission, the mission time will stop once the delivery is completed.

    17) Mission re-entry function will be applied to all missions in Bounty Hunters Guild.

    18) Buff was cancelled even the guard didn’t attack in Tierra De La Sed. This will be fixed

    19) In Infinito Challenge mission, the species information displayed in the monster target information window didn’t match to the actual monster's information. This will be fixed.

    20) Max entry levels of some demonic missions in Bounty Hunters Guild will be changed from lv. 135 to lv. 140.

    - Mission: Demonic Occulta Dungeon / Demonic Tower of Ice Wizard Dungeon/ Demonic Medusa

    21) Obtainable EXPs from 'Castilla, Relic' and 'Castilla, Tower of Chaos' missions will be decreased.

    22) The pet could be used in Bloody Navy's Movement (3) custom character mission. this will be fixed.

    23) In case 3MCC are all dead in a created mission lobby, a mission will not start.

    24) The way to receive rewards of Time Paradox missions will be changed as follows temporary.

    - Before: Reward window is displayed right after defeating boss monster.
    - After: Reward can be acquired by talking to Time Piece Rewarder NPC next to Time Paradox NPC.
    - If there is an ongoing Time Paradox quest, a reward guide mail is created after completing the mission.
    - One option can be selected between [Normal Reward] and [Normal Reward + Additional Reward] by talking to the NPC and 1,500,000 Vis is consumed for [Normal Reward + Additional Reward] like before.
    - The probability of reward acquisition is the same as before."

    *** 7. Skill and Stance ***

    1) Piracy

    -Ancestor : damage +10% (based on Lv.10)
    -Judgement of Thor : casting time -0.33 sec
    -Tob of Sail/Bone Carsh : damege to PC with soft/light armor +10%

    2) Pythonisse (max move speed : +1.5)

    -Sound of Ground : max range +1.5m, able to attack enemy in the air
    -Arrow of Mind : additionally ignore DEF by 50
    -Wavering Fire : damage - 15%, casting time -1 sec, able to attack enemy in the air
    -Ice Field : able to attack enemy in the air
    -Nature : casting speed -5% (based on Lv.10)

    3) Rapiere/Rapiere of Grim

    -Ropera : magic counter-attack buff when ignore magic attack in Ropera status, magic -defence buff last 15 sec and next skill ATK +50%

    4) Rocking

    -Arounding/Power Stroke/Accelerando : 'Freedom of Soul' level increase without SEN value relation.
    -Freedom of Soul : max level +5, duration +15 sec

    5) Maiden of Glacier

    -Snow Storm : Ancient Star Orb consuming -5, max range +3m, radius +1m
    -Icicle : max range +1m
    -Thorn Field : max range +3m, radius +2m
    -Ice Breaker : max range +1m, radius +1m, damage +10% when enemy got debuff of Decay, Armor/Magic Grinding, Broken Armor and Broken Weapon.

    6) Folclore

    -Calypso : max move speed +2 (not to enemy in the air)
    -Bolero/Ranchera/Cancion : skill lasting time +3 sec for Lv.10 lower and +15 sec for Lv.11 -higher

    7) Cleaning Time ((Marine Job Skill) : attack speed +10%, damage to monster +10% (based on Lv.10)

    8) Trodado Cruz

    -Destruido : cool time -20 sec

    9) Illusion Garde

    -No Trick! : able to attack 3 targets, radius +2m
    -Hand Trick/Illusion Straight/Illusion Mirror : required Orb amounts down (2 / 5 / 15)
    -Show Time! (Illusion Job Skill) : ATK +20%

    10) Vendetta

    -Counter Step/Stab Slash/Chain of Elimination : damage +0.25 times in Awakening status.

    11) Demolition Burst/Tested Burst

    -Blast Shot : minimum range -3m, casting time -0.5 sec
    -Starlight Flare : casting time -0.5 sec, cool time -5 sec
    -Castle Crusher : damge to colony by 3 times (before: 5 times)

    12) Ambrosia

    -Surrounding Bat : enemy casting not cancelled by every bat attack (before : cancelled by every attack)
    -Deathless Body (Montoro Job Skill) : ignore all attacks except some invincible ignoring skills (before : not possible to be targetted)

    13) Dual Blaster

    -Camouflage : max move speed limited by 4
    -Expoison/Wire Prisoner : max install trap amount -2

    14) Trikinesis

    -Mind Absorb : buff level increase when attack enemy with some skills (before : when use some skills), casting speed -3%

    15) Disire

    -Red Crescent : front +5m x width +7.5m, max enemy -4, faster attack point than before
    -Bloody Sword/Bloody Bracelet : AR./DR. increase at Lv5 higher (before : Lv.11)

    16) Some Rapier's basic option ""Blocking"" will be changed to ""Penetration"".

    - Purity of Aldebaran, La Torre, Elite La Torre, Strata Devil Rapier, Evil Rapier, Purity of Aldebaran(pvp), Bristia Rapier."

    17) it will be changed that people cannot move to mission when casting skills.

    18) When people don't have Ancient Star Orb, the problem that people cannot use Deep Sting skill will be fixed.

    19) When people don't have Ancient Star Orb, the problem that people cannot use Rapidly Stab Skill will be fixed.

    20) When people use some skills of [Furious] stance during Swift Move buff status, the problem that the swift move is not lifted, will be fixed.

    21) The problem that skill effect of Dimension Territory of the [Distortion Cube] stance is applied to dead characters, will be fixed.

    22) The constant maintaining effect of HP/SP by some buffs/debuffs will be changed to be overlapped. But buffs' overlap setting itself will not be changed.

    - Effects of Restore's HP increase and Entangle's HP decrease will be applied together.
    - Restore and Satisfy will not be applied together to the same target. (Same as before)
    - Character will directly displays the values of received buff/debuff which gives continuous effects on HP.

    23) [Desire] stance's normal attack and skill effects were displayed abnormally in some areas. This willl be fixed.

    24) Penetration effects of bracelets which Levine and Karjalainen worn on the left hands were not applied. This will be fixed.

    - Only the penetration of a weapon on the right hand was applied before but after the update, Penetration options of weapons on both hands will be applied at the same time.
    - To maintain the existing value of Penetration, the penetration values of [Desire] and [Fleuret Glacier] will be increased by 2.

    25) In normal fields, Melee/Shooting/Magic Enhancement skills will be able to be used by squads only. (unable to be used by other families.)

    26) Kurt and Edward's Grim Reaper and Soul Reaper buffs will not be applied in town areas.

    27) In case of using Rage of Wolf after using Swift Move, Swift Move buff is maintained.

    28) When using Calypso buff, move speed limit of Pythonisse stance didn’t increase. This will be fixed.

    29) When Camouflage buff was applied through Sand Flare skill of [Sniper] stance, movement speed was fixed as 4 and above. This will be fixed.

    30) When using the Preparation skill of Combat Assault and Shadow Assault stances, skill highlight effect will be applied to Shooting Blow and Midnight Slasher.

    31) When Levine used skills of Desire stance in [Power Magic] status, his SP wasn't consumed. This will be fixed.

    32) When attack with 'Dealing' skill of Abyss Stance on a target that has invincible-kinds buffs, the problem that the invincible buff is not lifted, will be fixed.

    33) The maximum target number of Shining Machine Shot of the Shining Sting stance will be increased from 4 to 8.

    34) When Nena use the Presto skill, the Unrest buff's random moving function will be changed to work only on PC.

    35) [Forgotten Magic]: Aqua Pierce skill couldn't give the amplified damage on a monster in Electric Field status. This will be fixed.

    36) [Femme Fatale]: When giving the amplified damage on an enemy in Pierced Wound status, skill critical was not displayed. This will be fixed and when targeting an enemy in Pierced Wound status, the skill will be highlighted.

    37) [Vendetta]: When givine the amplified damage on a human enemy, skill critical was not displayed. This will be fixed.

    *** 8. Quest ***

    1) Emilia Gift Quest" will be added.

    - People can get this quest when entering in town with character of expert level or more.
    - When finishing the quest, people can receive the event expert stance book for free and possible to repeat 3 times.
    - People cannot get the Enhance Tactics book from this emilia gift quest, which people can get from "Call from Master Guardian".

    2) Weapon giveway quest(Master Guardian) will be added.

    - People can get this quest when entering in town with status of family level 20 or more.
    - People can get max 3 quests from the Master Guardian NPC.
    - The weapon is 33AR and time period item and it's not possible to enhance, enchant and socket manufacturing.

    3) The more quests of bonus favor rate by Bristia Guild License will be added.

    4) Daily quest of Forest of Prophet will be added.

    - People who finished Nena recruitment quest talk to Nena and Sierra and can start this quest."

    5) Protection of Altar of Heaven mission's clear condition will be changed.

    - Mission clear condition will be defeating all of Phantom of Ruin Cruger, Phantom of Ruin Meladue and Divino.
    - The buffing ability of Blessing of Fire, Earth and Wind will be increased.
    - When family who don't have faction attack Divino, he will be hostile status with family who have faction.
    - Divino and Phantom of Ruin Meladue will be possible to attack the object in the air.
    - Divino's skill will be possible to attack the character in the air."

    6) The sub quest (Witchcraft obtaining quest) of SnowFlower Sherlin character will be possible when entering in town.

    - The family who already finished this quest cannot do this quest again.

    7) After finishing Trans Lobo stance quest, the problem that related text keep showing in some area of Torche Mansion and Reception Hall, will be fixed.

    8) During Barrol recuitment quest, the problem of wrong location information of Drunkard Barrol: Mischievous, will be fixed.

    9) When possessing 24 or below of Strange Gas, Solid and Liquid, the problem that people cannot proceed the quest, will be fixed.

    10) When defeating Nena during Nena quest, the problem that Nena dropped a item, will be fixed.

    11) In Sierra recruitment quest, when defeating Golden Myconid from "Golden Myconid appearance", the mission time will be stopped.

    12) The problem that the repeat quest of Kielce Lica was possible to do with 2 times per day, will be fixed.

    13) During entering the Viki quest, "Revival of Takion", the character will not be possible to move.

    14) During [Repeat] Mission of Vigilar, the problem that the monster kill count was not initiated, will be fixed.

    15) Monsters in the 'Distorted History and the Truth' mission (Bahama, the Heaven’s Altar quest) were not shown occasionally. This will be fixed.

    16) When entering Bristia, Government General, if multiple quests are in progress, a distractor will be displayed.

    17) In Nena recruitment quest, 'Altar Cleaning' mission, character summons will not disappear until the gate become removed.

    18) Repeat quests will be deleted from the quest list. In case of a quest which had different routs, once a selected route was completed, other routes were not considered as completed. This will be fixed.

    19) [Repeat] Legacy of Vigilar quest will be changed.

    - The place where players can find the Legacy of Vigilar item will be changed from ""Bahama, Forest of Prophet" to "Bahama, the Altar of Heaven".

    20) Once the quest mail alarms of [Repeat] Creating a Broom in Secret and [Repeat] Mission of Vigilar were clicked, other quest information was displayed. This will be fixed.

    21) During Garcia recruitment quest, in case the game was disconnected at a specific dialogue after giving Katovic Soup and Stone of Philosopher to Invierno, it required the items again. This will be fixed.

    22) In case of talking to Domingo while proceeding with Begin Pioneering quest, 'The Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza' mission will be proceed first.

    23) The location information of "Kill Lyndon" quest will be changed from Los Toldos to Tierra de los Muertos.

    24) When the evil weapon material quest received from Lonely Muskeeter NPC in Lucifer Castle, Entrance was completed, the quest mail wasn't deleted. This will be fixed.

    25) After completing the Errac advance quest, 'Something More (1)', the quest mail was still remained. This will be fixed.

    26) Family or monster will not be possible to move between trees at G-7 coordinate in Bahamar, Forest of Prophet.

    27) When proceeding with Kurt sub quest [Promise of Baron] in Baron status, the quest can proceed through Oswalt in Viron.

    28) Required kill counts of monsters in some Pioneering Merchant quests will be changed as follows.

    Mansion of Dr. Torsche, Reception Hall

    Fiery Walter 25 -> 10
    Freezing Walter 25 -> 10
    Electric Walter 25 -> 10

    Mansion of Dr. Torsche, Grand Library

    Fiery Helena 15 -> 10
    Freezing Helena 15 -> 10
    Electric Helena 15 -> 10

    Via Fluvial

    Anteater 150 -> 100
    Celemantis 150 -> 100


    Spiked Rock 200 -> 100
    Moving Rock 200 -> 100
    Diseased Capybara 200 -> 100

    Capybara Plantation

    Capybara 200 -> 100
    Capybara Knight 100 -> 70
    Golden Bat 30 -> 10

    Ferruccio Wall

    Firewall Meckos 150 -> 100
    Monegareum 200 -> 100
    Grim Reaper 150 -> 100

    Mine Passage

    Capybara Ranger 200 -> 100
    Violent Capybara 150 -> 100
    Corrupt Celemantis 150 -> 100

    Deprimida Valley

    Bear Walker 200 -> 100
    Diseased Capybara Knight 200 -> 100
    Blade Antelope 100 -> 70
    Celegrimworm 100 -> 70

    Porto Bello, The Cabin

    Dread Anchor 10 -> 5

    29) In case of Very Unsuccessful in 'Selling Elizabeth’s Painting' quest, it was complete after talking to 'Brilliant Painter Elizabeth NPC' in Kielce twice. This will be fixed.

    *** 9. Item ***

    1) New Pet ""Snow Golem"" will be added.

    - Snow Golen has the healing skill and exclusive buff skill.
    - Bless of Ice : Monster damage +7%, Penetration +3, IMM +3, DEF +7, CRI +3, Move SPD +10%."
    Magician Hat(Illusion) will be added in costume shop.

    2) Rare Monster Spinell Shop will be added.

    - The shop can be used through Ustiur Hunters' Association VP, Katherine NPC in the Ustiur, Base Camp.
    - The spinelles sold in Errac will be integrated with the Ustiur Hunters' Association VP, Katherine's shop.
    - Purchasable spinelles are as follows.

    Thief Captain Capri Spinelle
    Minotauros Spinelle
    Diseased Capybara Leader Spinelle
    Sphinx Spinelle
    Frogfish Spinelle
    Elite Lightning Cockatrice Spinelle
    Elmorc Spinelle
    Queen Bee Spinelle
    Imoogi Spinelle
    Exiliced Valkyrie Spinelle
    Captain Capybara Spinelle
    King Henry Spinelle
    Amber Bee Spinelle
    Angry Acorchado Spinelle
    Medusa Spinelle

    - Spinelles can be used in the Thueringen Lakeside only. Summoned monsters by spinelles are weaker than the existing monsters and disappear after 10 minutes."

    3) New Item for Favor Rate of Kielce will be added.

    - Bristia Guild License(7days) will be added and people can get extra favor rate in Kielce port/merchant/Government General/Laboratory.
    - Bristia Guild License(7days) will be added in Feso Shop.

    4) The accessory Items that are possible to enhance will be added more.

    - Crafted Physical RES Necklace (required : Enchant Chip Veteran)
    - Crafted Shot RES Necklace (required : Enchant Chip Veteran)
    - Crafted Necklace of Resistance to Attribute (required : Enchant Chip Veteran)
    - Strata Devil Necklace (required : Enchant Chip Expert)
    - Bristia Necklace (required : Enchant Chip Expert)"

    5) The addable option valuse of max enhanced accessories will be increased like below.

    -Magic Earrings : SP 180, Penetration 3 -> SP 380, Penetration 4

    -Will of Argus : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Hope of Argus : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Shadow of Abyss : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Revelation of Abyss : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Charistma of Reydeavaricia : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Enhanced Will of Argus : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Enhanced Hope of Argus : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Enhanced Shadow of Abyss : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Enhanced Revelation of Abyss : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Enhanced Charistma of Reydeavaricia : SP 300, Penetration 5 -> SP 600, Penetration 7

    -Strata Devil Earrings : SP 500, Penetration 5 -> SP 1000, Penetration 7

    -Bristia Earrings : SP 500, Penetration 5 -> SP 1000, Penetration 7

    -Magic Belt : HP 450, IMM 3 -> HP 950, IMM 4

    -Magic Leather Belt : HP 450, IMM 3 -> HP 950, IMM 4

    -Magic Metal Belt : HP 450, IMM 3 -> HP 950, IMM 4

    -Garim Belt : HP 1000, IMM 5 -> HP 2000, IMM 7

    -Enhanced Garim Belt : HP 1000, IMM 5 -> HP 2000, IMM 7

    -Strata Devil Belt : HP 1500, IMM 5 -> HP 3000, IMM 7

    -Bristia Belt : HP 1500, IMM 5 -> HP 3000, IMM 7

    -Crafted Physical RES Necklace : None -> HP 950, IMM 4

    -Crafted Shot RES Necklace : None -> HP 950, IMM 4

    -Crafted Necklace of Resistance to Attribute : None -> HP 950, IMM 4

    -Strata Devil Necklace : None -> HP 3000, IMM 7

    -Bristia Necklace : None -> HP 3000, IMM 7

    6) New Artifacts will be added like below.

    - Red Hairband: ATK +5% / Physical Penetration +5 once worn by Catherine Torsche

    - Portrait of Nena: SP +300 / Once worn by Sierra and Nena, there is a 5% chance to apply Element buffs during normal attack

    * Element Buffs: Power of Fire (ATK increase), Power of Wind (Movement Speed, ATK Speed increase), Power of Land (DEF, RES increase), Power of Water (HP, SP regen increase)

    * Only one of the 4 buffs can be maintained and other 3 buffs are not applied.

    - Hunting Trident: HP +5 / STR +5 once worn by Alejandro

    - Hair of Catherine: SP +300 / increases characteristic stats of each doll Catherine by 5

    - Old Time of Diablo : Extreme - Casting Lv.1 buff is applied with a certain probability while attacking enemy.

    - Old Sensuality of Diablo : Extreme - Summon ATK Lv.1 buff is applied with a certain probability when a summoned monster attacks enemy.

    - Time of Diablo : Extreme - Casting Lv.2 buff is applied with a certain probability while attacking enemy.

    - Sensuality of Diablo : Extreme - Extreme - Summon ATK Lv.1 buff is applied with a certain probability when a summoned monster attacks enemy.

    - Sensation of Diablo : Extreme - SEN Lv.1 buff is applied with a certain probability when a summoned monster attacks enemy.

    - Pirate Flag : Block +5, Physical Penetration +5 when worn by Lhote.

    - Symbol of Absinian Warrior : SP Auto Regeneration +100, Lightning Penetration +5 when worn by Beatrice, Casting Time -10% when worn by M’Boma

    - Mustache Comb : Accuracy +5, 3% chance to apply attack buff when worn by Veil

    - Old Argus Soul Stone (normal) - Mental Penetration +4

    - Old Sekhmet Soul Stone (normal) - Fire Penetration +4

    - Old Einwind Soul Stone (normal) - Lightning Penetration +4

    - Old Novia Soul Stone (normal) - Ice Penetration +4

    - Argus Soul Stone (elite) - Mental Penetration +6

    - Sekhmet Soul Stone (elite) - Fire Penetration +6

    - Einwind Soul Stone (elite) - Lightning Penetration +6

    - Novia Soul Stone (elite) - Ice Penetration +6

    - Soul Sandglass (unique) - All attribute Penetration +10"

    7) Time Ore Item will be added (Possible to change with Evil Weapon)

    - Time Ore Item will be given from the Time Ore Box (7 kinds and 1 drop)
    - With low rate, 2 items can be dropped from the box.
    - With talking with Dr. Torche in Torche Lab, people can exchange this with Evil Gears.
    - 1 item is same with 300 of Time crystals.

    8) Recipe - Total Status Ampule' will be added in the selling items list of the Tool Shop in Auch.

    - Stats of all characters in MCC increase by 4 after using a created Total Status Ampule.
    - The recipe can create the item through 'Magic Equipment Merchant, Karjalainen'.
    - Status Ampules (STR, AGI, HP, DEX, INT, SEN) are used as materials.
    * Total Status Ampule and the Status Ampules (STR, AGI, HP, DEX, INT, SEN) cannot be used at the same time.

    9) People can change to tradable Medal of Honor from Bathra in Auch Backstree Merchant.

    - Medal of Honor A x5 + Silver Bar x1 = Mysterious Medal of Honor 500
    - Medal of Honor B x5 + Silver Bar x5 = Mysterious Medal of Honor 2500
    - Medal of Honor Cx 5 + Silver Bar x10 = Mysterious Medal of Honor 5000
    - Medal of Honor D x5 + Silver Bar x15 = Mysterious Medal of Honor 7500
    - Medal of Honor G x5 + Silver Bar x20 = Mysterious Medal of Honor 10000 "

    10) More costumes will be added in the Costume Shop.

    - Little Princess Costume : Kano
    - Cube Bobe : Kano
    - Epsilon Costume : Marchetti
    - Hitschum Hair : Marchetti
    - Party Dress - 100 : Ludin
    - Party Dress - Dear : Ludin
    - White Blossom Costume : Valeria
    - White Blossom Hair : Valeria
    - Le Heb Blue Costume : Emilia
    - Le Heb Blue Hair : Sage Emilia
    - White Cosmos Costume : Adelina
    - White Cosmos Hair : Pirate Adelina"

    11) +5 Anti-Destroy: High Master' and '+6 Anti-Destroy: High Master' will be added in Feso Shop.

    12) Spirit of Forest" Item will be tradable.

    13) The wrong Artifact obtaining condition between "Journal Smeared with Ferruccio Breadcrumbs" and "Formula of Martial Arts" will be fixed.

    14) The Favor Rate that can be given from Bristia Guild License will be changed from 20 to 18.

    15) The left time that show up on the icon of Bristia Guild License will be changed to show on tooltip.

    16) The problem that Event Barrack Slot License cannot be used, will be fixed.

    17) In case 'Intimacy' buff was being applied by using 'Bristia Guild License', the Intimacy buff was cancelled once Bloody Weapon buff of [Desire] stance was applied. This will be fixed.

    18) The problem that Lyndon box log only show the 2 weeks of data, will be fixed.

    19) When equipping the Sensuality of Diablo Artifact, [Extreme - Summon ATK] buff was not applied on some summons normally. This will be fixed.

    20) When wearing weapons having 'additional ATK according to armors option' and 'additional ATK according to species option' on both hands, higher damage was appplied than wearing weapons having same additional ATK options. This will be fixed.

    Before: In case Additional ATK toward Wildlife + Additional ATK toward Wildlife = 100,
    Additional ATK toward Wildlife + Additional ATK toward soft armor = 175 was applied.

    After: In case Additional ATK toward Wildlife + Additional ATK toward Wildlife = 100.
    Additional ATK toward Wildlife + Additional ATK toward soft armor = 100 is applied.

    21) Ralph character will be changed to equip Experimental Crossbow when it is created.

    22) Portable Ancient Star Orb Box will be changed to be tradable.

    23) When players who were equipping Artifacts such as Mind Circlet, Salamander Stone, Thick Fur Coat, Rubber Gloves and etc. were attacked by summons that give attribute damage, damage decrease toward PC effect was not applied. This will be fixed.

    24) Huge Portable Ancient Star Orb will be changed to be tradable.

    25) Additional ATK was applied after wearing 'Pirate Flag'. This problem will be fixed.

    26) Character name change cost will be changed from 1 of Elemental Jewel to 5M Vis.

    27) The required Vis to reset 1 Attribute point will be changed from 1,000,000 Vis to 200,000 Vis.

    28) The price of a Veteran stance book will be changed from 1,000,000 Vis to 100,000 Vis.

    *** 10. System ***

    1) Alarm system will be added.

    -Declaring war and family attribute message will be used with this alarm system.

    2) Additional Enchant Chip changing function will be added (drag&drop)

    3) Output times of chat message and system message will be displayed.

    - Window time of a personal PC will be displayed.
    - This function can be set at Game Options (Alt+O)."

    4) 'Arranging first Protected Items' function will be added in Inventory.

    - Once the 'Arranging first Protected Items' is checked in Inventory, the function is activated.
    - Protected items will be placed on the top of the Inventory window.
    - Once the 'Arranging first Protected Items' is checked, items are arranged according to icons.

    Ex. Item A - Orange / Item B - Red / Item C - Orange -> Arranged as A / C / B

    - If some protected items are not arranged normally after the function is activated, cancel the protection then protect the items again to apply normally.

    5) Attendance buff will be added.

    - EXP increase buff depending on the consecutive attendance days is provided upon access. The buff effects are as follows.

    * The consecutive attendance days are renewed automatically without logging in/out or moving zones. But some errors may occur since it is renewed based on EST.

    1 day unapplied
    2 days Combat EXP +5%
    3 days Combat EXP +10%
    4 days Combat EXP +15%
    5 days Combat EXP +20%
    6 days Combat EXP +25%
    7 days+ Combat EXP +30%, Stance EXP +20%

    6) Mercenary License restoration function will be added.

    - Players can renew their Mercenary Contract by consuming 50,000 Feso. And the lost EXP will be restored.

    ※ Reminder! The Mercenary Contract created before update and its EXP will not be restored.

    - The contract creator's name will be displayed in the Mercenary Contract when hiring a character.
    - There's no change in the case that a character is hired by other families which didn't draw up the character's Mercenary Contract.

    7) Displays of Mercenary Contract tooltip will be changed.

    - Creator's information of the Mercenary Contract will be displayed to the creator only.
    - The creator can see the message "You can use the mercenary restoration system."
    - This will be applied to existing Mercenary Contracts as well.

    8) Baron points will be changed like follows:

    - In case a character with 0 Baron point(s) makes other player's character immobile, the Baron point is increased to 5,000. (Before it was increased to 20,000.)

    - After that, every time the character makes other's character immobile, the Baron point is increased by 1,500. (Before it was increased by attacking character's level * 10.)

    - It's an intention to lighten the burden of low frequency Baron behaviors and increase the burden of habitual Baron behaviors.

    9) Item drop rates of some areas will be arranged.

    - Lago Celeste, El Ruina de Memoria, the 2nd Floor of Skeleton Dungeon
    - Prison de Joaquin, Gehenna Bridge
    - Rion Dungeon Corridor/Hollow

    10) The problem that sometimes the skill point increase button is not working properly will be fixed.

    11) Client's memory use capacity will be increased.

    -Client is using now till 1.7G but it will use till 3.7G with update.
    -With this change, client crash situation caused by lack of memory can be improved much but the 32bit OS with 4G limitation is possible to have some slow situation with long playing.

    12) When faction skill point is 50,000, the problem that the kill count is not increased, will be fixed.

    13) The item drop rate of the Bristia Soldier’s Box in Kielce, Night area will be slightly decreased.

    14) Client was closed abnormally due to monsters' skill effects in some missions. This will be fixed.

    15) Refined Vespanola Weapon's equipping level limit has been changed from 100 to 1.

    16) In the Clique Battle, Simon couldn’t hit families who attacked him under the stairs. This will be fixed.

    17) SP will be recovered after entering the Gigante mini game [Hit it! Copybara!].

    18) The problem that people cannot change the shortcut key setting will be fixed.

    19) When receiving items from NPC, if Inventory is full or the item quantities exceed the limit, they will be moved to Cabinet.

    20) The Quest Warp function moving sometimes the character to certain wrong location will be fixed.

    21) Shortcut keys for camera zoom (PageUp - zoom in / PageDown - zoom out) will be added.

    22) Deleting Character function will not be working on characters wearing equipment in Barracks mode.

    23) Once a Colony War starts, the previous week's colony occupation information will be initialized.

    24) It was unable to change shortcut key setting. This problem will be fixed.

    - If you are using shortcut keys created by using forms which game system doesn't support, the shortcut keys may be reset or malfunction may be occurred.
    Please run the game after setting shortcut keys as default in game launcher option if the problem above occurs.

    25) There was a problem that the Colony Manager NPC wasn't created. This will be fixed.

    26) Brilliance of the Leader buff will be cancelled as well upon occupation information reset when a colony war starts.

    - The buff is applied after the war end depending on the number of occupying colony.

    27) Mini Game ranking will be updated by the Maintenance Time on Tuesday 8am Server time.

    28) Regarding the EXP increase of level penalty, if the difference between character and monster is -11 or more (Veteran: -16 and more), 25% of EXP will be acquired. Related bug will be fixed.

    29) Family summon function will not be applied in Armonia town area.

    - Warp list of Armonia town and field, and last location saved for families with family level 30 below will be changed to Auch.

    30) The problem that non targeting monster or object has been attacked by range attack, will be fixed.

    31) When using some ground targeting skill on some specific location, the problem that the skill is not working and the character move to the location, will be fixed.

    32) The Ureus in Bahama, Underground Cave 2nd Floor didn’t attack occasionally. This will be fixed.

    33) The problem that people cannot get the exp when defeating monsters in Some location, will be fixed.

    *** 11. Interface ***

    1) Quest Info UI will be totally changed.

    - In the zone map opened through Quest Info (Alt + A) - See Location, families can move to quest locations (NPCs) by right clicking the Quest Mail icons.
    - Quest Area, Shortest Route, Warp Route taps will be added in Quest Info.
    - Quest Area: Displays areas related to each quest.
    - Shortest Route: Displays the shortest routes from current locations to quest locations.
    (This displays the routes even there is no history of family's earlier zone transfers.)
    - Warp Route: Displays usable routes through Quest Warp."

    2) Quest list function will be added.

    - Quest list can be checked through the button on the bottom left side of the Quest Info (Alt+A) window.
    - All completed quests and uncompleted quests are listed but repeat/event quests are not displayed.

    3) The equipable item information will be displayed in character detail window.

    4) Some town mini maps size will be increased.

    5) When create Scarecrow dummy, if character become knock-back, the UI is changed to be closed.

    6) When selling item to merchant in town, some case of miscalculation problem will be fixed.

    7) In the squad status, when people make character to mercenary or when people talk with farm NPC and send character to barrack, the problem that squad character icon left in the screen, will be fixed.

    8) People will be possible to check other family level and faction name in Group Chat Window.

    9) When clicking Item protection button twice, the problem that the window is still left after closing, will be fixed.

    10) Right after zone moving, when clicking the button of detail in quest alarm window, the problem that other quest information was opened, will be fixed.

    11) Some area's wrong monster level or occupying faction name in world map will be fixed.

    12) Chatting tooltip shape will be improved.

    13) Raid list and information will be added on Main menu.

    14) Close button will be added on accessory enhancing UI.

    15) The mouse cursor and outline will be changed not to be seen in Startonia area.

    16) When not possible to use quest warp, more detailed information will be described.

    17) When more than 100 quests in the list, the problem that the location of text was awkward, will be fixed.

    18) The problem that there was no information about possibility of purchasing with reinforced stance book on some stance tooltip, will be fixed.

    19) When trying to create faction with existing name, then problem that the information window was empty, will be fixed.

    20) More information about the status effecting to stance on tooltip of summon/building will be added.

    21) When equipping Refined Vespanola Tonfa, the problem that it looked like wearing only one hand, will be fixed.

    22) The button that can add or erase all music with one click, will be added.

    23) When clicking the button of faction on main menu, the problem that the faction creation UI was not showed up, will be fixed.

    24) When activating auto-open option on main menu, the problem that some UI was closed automatically, will be fixed.

    25) The information of Shaffenberger the Curse in Raid info UI will be modified.

    26) The buff tooltip of 'Battle Cook', the Panfilo's job skill, will be edited.

    - Description will be edited. (The text of "When attacked by chance" will be changed to "When defeating by chance")
    - There is no change in skill function.

    27) The tooltip description of Rachel's job skill [High Class] has been edited as follows.

    - Skill tooltip changed to: Based on level 10, "Magic Penetration +40 / ATK toward monster +20% / Increases damage by 1.5 times in normal attacks on monsters"
    - In case 'Nobility' buff is applied after using the skill, alarm effects on some stance skills will not be activated any longer.
    ※There is no changed in stats of High Class.

    28) The tooltip description of Poison Gas debuff which is applied to monsters on Tigres Prison 9F will be changed as follows.

    - Before: [Poison Gas] Getting painful as you breath.
    - After: [Poison Gas] Wearing a gas mask. Ability of monster doesn’t decrease.

    29) Some costume that should be located in inventory but located in premium inventory, will be fixed.

    30) After using "Item Protection" function, the problem that some items in inventory was automatically enrolled, will be fixed.

    31) Quest notification window UI under the minimap will be changed to be movable.

    32) When placing a mouse cursor on a quest mail icon in Zone Map UI, duplicated quest names was displayed. This will be fixed.

    33) When using user skin, the problem that some gauge bar's color showed with different color, will be fixed.

    34) When using basic shortcut keys of u, j, m, the problem that the keys was not working, will be fixed.

    35) Illustrated Character book UI can be open by double clicking on character cards. But [See NPC] button will not work when Market ui is opened.

    36) When activating Artifact UI after recruiting a character, even if materials for an Artifact were insufficient, the Artifact was displayed as acquirable. This will be fixed.

    37) The location between Cabinet and Story book will be changed.

    38) The World PVP shop NPC name will be changed.

    39) 'View Character List' function in Barracks will be totally changed.

    - UI will be changed.
    - Team list slot can be extended up to 20.
    - 5 Moon Stones are required to extend 1 slot until 10 slots and after 10 slots, the formula below is applied.
    * 6 Moon Stones + (Current team list slots - 10)
    * In case of extending 9 slots to 10 slots, 5 Moon Stones are consumed
    * In case of extending 10 slots to 11 slots, 6 Moon Stones are consumed
    * In case of extending 19 slots to 20 slots, 15 Moon Stones are consumed
    - Character search function has been added. Characters can be searched by their job names as well.
    * The meaning of the job name is the character's name in 'Illustrated Character book'.

    40) Master, Guardian's dialogue distractors will be integrated and simplified.

    41) When using storage, the problem that going to login screen in some case, will be fixed.

    44) Tooltips of required items to enter some missions will have more detailed descriptions.

    45) When there is no information in story book, it's changed to show the explanation of story book.

    46) When checking a card tooltip after recruiting a character below Veteran, an error message appeared. This will be fixed.

    47) When clicking "memo register", "memo delete" button, the problem that client become slow in short time, will be fixed.

    48) It is able to check if there is an acceptable 'La Atencion' in Barracks mode and in Character Details Window.

    49) In Random Reward UI, if an item name is long, only some part of name is displayed and the rest is displayed as '…'.

    50) Tierra De La Sed''s buff icon will be changed.

    51) Some order of Master Guardian menu will be changed.

    52) When using lovely wink skill of illusion character and posing Love buff, the problem of awkward graphic will be fixed.

    53) When checking the location of local map quest In quest information, the problem of awkward UI will be fixed.

    54) In some function using, awkward UI of local map will be fixed.

    55) Some Costume's graphic errors will be fixed.

    56) The awkward graphic of type 2 of male wizard will be fixed.

    57) Sharon's some barrack pose will be changed.

    58) Some awkward pose of Sierra Rose that wearing witch hat costume will be fixed.

    59) Female character's some barrack pose will be changed.

    60) The effect location of some costumes will be changed.

    61) Graphics of some characters in Barracks will be modified.

    - Some graphics of characters wearing skirts may not look perfect but they will be modified again soon.

    62) Some poses of Veil and Rachel will be modified.

    63) When using socket manufacturing for some items, the problem of wrong cost will be fixed.

    64) Some awkward graphic of Cutie Claire will be fixed.

    65) Some awkward praying pose of Cannon Shooter Claire and Cutie Claire will be fixed.

    *** 12. World XPVP ***

    1) Class/Record will be divided according to participation modes (normal/fixed item) of team/single battles. So class, ranking, point, and result will be displayed separately according to the modes.

    - Server Ranking UI will be divided according to the modes as well.
    - Aside from the character's individual record, rankings, points and results of each class will be reset.
    (※ Retained unused EXP points and purchase points are not affected.)

    2) When using a certain skill of Catherine Torsche's [Death Chopping] stance, the problem that damage is not increased according to the number of Lloyd, will be fixed.

    3) Configurations of World XPVP Lobby UI and Ranking UI will be changed.

    4) In system message, the problem that the damage information of attacked object was not described, will be fixed.

    5) The previously selected game type will be maintained in UI.

    6) In case of proceeding with game as fixed mode only, the problem that all points of normal mode and fixed mode is deducted, will be fixed.

    7) Buff NPC will be created after some while in the center of map and give 30 sec buff like below.

    - ATK +20%, ATK SPD and MOV SPD increase, DEF increase.
    - After giving buff, NPC will be disappeared and show up again after some while.
    - This function will work only on 1 by 1 pvp.

    8) When attacking the summoned monster or building, the point will be given too.

    9) The period item time will not be used in XPVP time in some bug case.

    10) Additional point obtaining function will be added like below.

    - When people win the battle with last week's worst winning character, people will ge bonus exp and bonus.
    - Lowest 10th characters will get the bonus.

    * Lowest No.1 winning point x 2.0
    * Lowest No.2 winning point x 1.9
    * Lowest No.3 winning point x 1.8
    * Lowest No.4 winning point x 1.7
    * Lowest No.5 winning point x 1.6
    * Lowest No.6 winning point x 1.5
    * Lowest No.7 winning point x 1.4
    * Lowest No.8 winning point x 1.3
    * Lowest No.9 winning point x 1.2
    * Lowest No.10 winning point x 1.1

    - People can check the lowest character information on ""Winning Rate per Character"" button in UI.
    - The standard of Character Icon is woman.
    - When 2 more of lowest character included, the lower calculation will be adjusted.

    11) The best point character will be shown as the Icon in UI from all modes like Single(normal, fixed), team(normal, fixed).

    12) The enemy who you met in the match(single mode) will not be matched on next match.

    13) When using skill with Awaken or Novice lucky Buff, the problem that CRI damage is not adjusted, will be fixed.

    14) When not using the PVP premium package, the problem that showing like "it's in use", will be fixed.

    15) When checking the record in server ranking after clicking join button, the problem that some buttons are not working, will be fixed.

    16) Massive balancing of stance and skill will be done.


    Normal Attack : melee and shooting damage a bit decrease, magic a bit increase
    Shooting CRI: Skill CRI damage 1.2 times (before : 1.5)
    Skill Attack : all a but increase
    Character HP : max HP increase

    Healing Skills
    -Cure : re-use time 7 sec, normal heal amount a bit decrease
    -Healing : re-use time 5 sec, normal heal amount a bit decrease
    -Mass Healing : re-use time 5 sec, normal heal amount a bit decrease
    -Cure All : re-use time 5 sec, normal heal amount a bit decrease
    -Mass Cure : re-use time 5 sec, normal heal amount a bit decrease

    Summon/Construction Stance
    -Sommoner : ATK, DEF, HP slightly decrease

    *Melee Stance

    Rapido Cruise
    -Flying Wyvern : skill re-use time +5 sec
    -Final Advent : skill re-use time +5 sec
    -Destruido : damage increase -50%

    Soul Bringer
    -Wind Blow : skill re-use time +5 sec, damage decrease when enemy in Mortal Wound.

    Blitz Assault
    -Back Stab : skill re-use time -5 sec
    -Miserable Fantasma : skill re-use time -5 sec
    -Fatal Move : skill re-use time -5 sec

    -Bless : skill re-use time -20 sec, all damage -20%, add decrease effect of knock-back.

    -Atomic Slash : 1.3 times of 25% probability damage (before : 1.5 times)

    -Asche : damage 1 ~ 1.5 times increase when in Motal Wound status (before : 1 ~ 2 times)
    -Freeandis : damage 1 ~ 1.5 times increase when in Stun status (before : 1 ~ 2 times)

    Earth Mental Attack : 1.3 times damage increase (before : 1.5 times)

    Violent Wind Attack : 1.3 times damage increase when in buff (before : 1.5 times)

    Cutlass : 1.5 times damage increase when in set buff (before : 2 times)

    Combat Assault/Shadow Assault : 1.5 times damage increase when using overlapped damage (before : 2 times)

    Vigilar : damage increase when use Cruel skill to enemy in HP 30% below.

    Desire : damage a bit increase when use Bleeding to enemy.

    Peltast : damage 1.5 times from Light Flow buff critical (before : 2 times)

    High Tide : damage 1.2 times increase when in Hiding (before : 1.5 times)

    Secret of Moonlight
    -Piercing Dimension : skill re-use time +5 sec
    -Crescent Curse : damage increase 1.5 times (before : 2 times)

    *Shooting Stance

    Femme Fatal
    -Pierced Wound : damage increase per level -5%.

    Split Shooter
    -Reverse Rolling : skill re-use time +3 sec

    Heavy Stinger
    -Overheating : DEF ignore based on Lv.100 -25%.

    -Heavy Drinker : Debuff probability -30%, skill re-use time -40 sec.

    -Target Check : skill re-use time +5 sec

    Shining Sting
    -Silent Move : decrease a bit damage increase amount when in Silent Move.
    -Shining Inferno : skill re-use time -10 sec

    Shadow Sting
    -Silent Move : decrease a bit damage increase amount when in Silent Move.
    -Back Stab Inferno : skill re-use time -5 sec

    Superior Blaster/Dual Blaster
    -Incounter Stroke : 1.3 times damage of 25% probability (before : 1.5 times)

    -Life Sentence : 1 ~ 1.5 times damage increase when in Motal Wound (before : 1 ~ 2 times)

    *Magic Stance

    -Flame Breath : skill re-use time -30 sec

    Rocking : 0.2 times damage per level of Freedom of Soul (before : 0.1 times)

    -Deception : skill re-use time +3 sec
    -Mind Blast : 20% damage increase per level of Mind Absorb (before 33%)

    -Wind Pressure : skill re-use time -4 sec, decrease a bit damage in proportion to INT.

    -Triple Element : skill re-use time -5 sec
    -Spell Bid : skill re-use time -15 sec
    -Spell Hail : skill re-use time -5 sec

    *Asistance Stance

    -Restore : skill re-use time +5 sec, max heal amount decrease in fixed item mode
    -Satisfy : max heal amount decrease in fixed item mode
    -Exclusion : 1.5 times damage increase (before : 2 times)

    -Appassionato : skill re-use time -5 sec

    -Magic Barrier : lasting time -30 sec
    -Ignore Harm : lasting time -30 sec

    -finished- ^^

    It's long list and was tough but happy to share the detailed information with Fans ^^

    Thank you very much and the skill and stance balancing details will be announced soon too.
    (***Skill and stance balancing changes also added)


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    that is 1 long Patch note -_-"!

    Summon/Construction Stance
    -Sommoner : ATK, DEF, HP slightly decrease <<<< why? and how much is the slightly mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxXVampiresXxX View Post
    that is 1 long Patch note -_-"!

    Summon/Construction Stance
    -Sommoner : ATK, DEF, HP slightly decrease <<<< why? and how much is the slightly mean?
    Probably because the maximum level used to be master10 and that 5more levels increase those stats. I guess
    DelKreuz - sGE player - Bach - GE Item Database

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    well if we made cath summon master lvl 15 its for that reason there is no other reason for HM -_-"! and u spend Fam atrib points for making there HP go up and that mean we have pointless boost?

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