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    Item drop rates and character level

    Hi GEEU,

    Quick question, since I can't seem to find adequate information on this: how is drop rate calculated? I found some older (~2008-2009) threads commenting that once the mob appear brown or grey drops are reduced considerably, but I'd like to know if that's still the case here.

    If there is indeed a decrease in drop rate due to level disparity, how is the disparity calculated? Is it based on:
    1). Active character leader's level
    2). Total level of all active characters
    3). Family level (?)

    Finally, if there is a decrease in drop rate as a result of over-leveling, does this affect quest drop rates (items that go into your quest inventory as opposed to normal inventory)?


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    in my observation, drop rates are fixed *per map and *per mob + any drop rate buff you have, also apply pertaining to quest item drop *some are auto count per kill some have RNG in them...

    you could check out database on this subject.
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    Dear Fans,

    As people said, it's fixed rate per map, per monster and per bosses.
    It's not that complicated calculation I think ^^

    Granado Espada changed much and recently version is very good for new people I bet...compared with before.


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    Thank you both for answering my question. I've been using Overbleed's database, but it's always great to hear from experienced players and staff alike.

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