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    Pre-Announcement of Armonia Episode 3 Update Details !!!

    Dear GEEU Fans,

    We are happy to announce the Armonia Episode 3rd and hope to have your feedback about the details. Events will be followed much too and this update will give good motivations to Fans surely.

    Your GEEU Team


    1. Armonia 3rd Scenario Contents and New Contents.

    1) Armonia 3rd scenario quest has been added.

    - After completing '[One who tinged by darkness] Sister' quest , when you move to Town, people will receive the quest.

    2) New Recruitment NPC Patrick Ryan has been added.

    - After you have completed Armonia 3rd scenario quest, '[the Past of Expiation] End of Darkness', when you go to town, you may start the recruitment quest.
    - Exclusive stance ring, skill ring and job skill ring for Patrick Ryan have been added.

    3) New Character 'Jane' has been added.

    - She uses the exclusive stance, [Reasoning Jounalist] and uses a pistol.
    - [Reasoning Jounalist] stance and skill ring have been added to Ring Box of Chester and Stance Ring box.

    4) New area 'Armonia Gloria' and a new boss monster have been added.

    - You can go there through 'Armonia El Templo'.
    - Abyss Meadi, Abyss Cray : After the server is opened Abyss Meadi and Abyss Cray will spawn in a certain area, they will respawn in 3 - 5 days after they are defeated.

    5) New Daily Mission 'Mage of Madness' has been added.

    - You can join the mission talking with 'Memento Mori, Bible' in 'Armonia, Apostadero'.
    - Entry Family limitation: minimum 3, maximum 12 families.
    - The way of mission proceeding and the ability for monsters can be changed in the future.

    6) 'Abyss Hall' Mission has been added, possible to join in 'Armonia, En Celar / El Templo / Gloria'.

    - After the Server open, The Gate for entering the mission will be created between 12 hours and 24hours at some place.

    7) Santo De Blanc (Scout) has been added.

    - When you kill the boss monster, Abyss Maddie, Abyss Cray, you can get the recipe - Santo De Blanc (Scout) at a certain rate.

    8) New Artifact has been added.

    a. Old Memento Mori's scroll
    - You can change it with high level artifact.
    - Justice of Darkness (Per level, the opponent's DEF -1) : For a certain probability during attacks.

    b. Old Armonia Halidom
    - You can change it with high level artifact.
    - Justice of Light (Per level, the opponent's DEF -1) : For a certain probability during attacks.

    c. Silver Blullet
    - ATK SPD +10%
    - If equiped on Lora, DEX + 5

    d. Friend
    - HP + 3
    - Sirius with Metal Armor : HP + 5
    - Sirius with Leather Armor : STR + 5

    9) The Prevention of Enhacement fail function has been added.

    - In the step of using Anti-destroy, with using a certain number of Dazzling Ore, you can change the probability of Drop rate to maintain rate.
    (For example, Maintain rate(25%) / Drop rate(25%), if you use the function of Prevention of Enhacement fail, it will be changed Maintain rate(50%) / Drop rate(0%)
    - According to an enhancement value and a number of Anti-Destroy, the number of Dazzling Ore will be changed.
    - Weapon : When you enhance Bristia series and items over basic A.R. 34, the function will be applied.
    - Armor : When you enhance items over basic A.R. 32, the function will be applied.

    10) 'Enhanced soul crystal' item has been added.

    - Resurrection immediately after using.
    - If you already got attacted or used a skill, you will be resurrected after the action had been ended.
    - An effect has been added to Enhanced soul crystal. (The same as the existing Soul Crystal)
    - Feso Shop price: 50,000 Feso "

    11) 'Mission Information Center' has been added.

    - Upper UI Menu / Granado Mission Information Center (Ctl + M)
    - The name of Quest Warp License item has been changed to 'Warp FreePass'.
    - If you use 'Warp FreePass' item, you can use the warp function of the Mission Information Center for free.
    - In the 'Raid Information', except Field raid and Constellation token, other mission details were deleted.
    - Some of item description for mission or raid have been changed.

    12) Character attacked sound ON/OFF function has been added to Game Option(Alt + O).

    - This option will be applied in a limited situation that a character is attacked by someone, except Attacking, Knock down, death, using skill and so on.

    13) During Olivia recruitment quest, [Level-Up] and [Recovery of Land] buff will be added to the Olivia custom PC.

    14) The Change-position function for Quest Notice window has been added .

    - Using the lock button in the right Quest notice window, you can move, lock and unlock the UI. If you move the UI and lock, then, the position will stay when you zone-move or rerun the client.
    In Ustiur Farm, if you click your pet or Turrydog's and select 'Clean the dead body' , then you could see the confirmation message again.

    15) 'Continuing Mission' function has been added on Armonia daily mission.

    - [Priest of Fear], [Knight of Chaos], [Mage of Madness]

    2. Changed Contents

    1) The following items drop rate has been increased from the original update.

    - [The Past of Expiation] Transcendence : Broken Armonium Fragment
    - [The Past of Expiation] Armonium : Broken Mad Fragment
    - [Returnee] Stabilizing : Madness Fragment
    - [Returnee] Mitchell's favor : Corrupt Guard Soldier's Gauntlet, Corrupt Spear Soldier's Helmet

    2) In the daily quest -'[Daily] Symbol of Family- in Armonia, Apostadero, the number of reward for Token of Virtue have been inceased from 6 to 10.

    3) In the safe zone of Armonia of El Templo / Gloria, Boss monster, character summoned building will no longer be deleted.

    4) Monsters abilities have been reduced drastically in Armonia, Gloria area.

    5) [Holy] buff has been changed as follows.

    - In Armonia Dungeon area, in case of [Holy] buff over 150 level, damage decrease from normal monster has been changed from -30% to -95%.
    - In Armonia Field area, in case of [Holy] buff over 150 level, damage decrease from normal monster has been changed from -30% to -50%.
    - In Armonia Field and Dungeon area, in case of [Holy] buff over 150 level, [Protection Field] buff will not be applied.
    (In other area, even though over 150 level buff remained, you can use [Protection Field] buff.

    6) When '[Degenerate]' buff below 20 level was applied, if you used Armonia Holy Water, [Holy] buff 1 level was applied but it's been changed as follows.
    - Existing: When you use Armonia Holy Water during [Degenerate] 15 level -> [Holy] 1 level was applied.
    - Change: When you use Armonia Holy Water during [Degenerate] 15 level -> [Holy] level 5 will be applied.

    7) In the faction chatting window, the message for master, expert and veteran promotion will be deleted.

    8) In Faction UI(Alt + Y), Group Chat UI(Ctl + G), Online family will be shown on the top.

    9) When you create a character, you can see the confirmation message on the UI.

    10) The way of the 'Mine Passage' entrance has been changed, when you click the arrow after the activation of Notice board in Capybara Plantation, you can enter 'Mine Passage'.

    11) Old Stone Pillar' and 'A slanted old stone pillar' in Bahamar, the Prophet's Forest will be deleted on the Zone Map.

    12) The reward notice after completing Time Parodox mission has been deleted.

    13) The item drop rate has been reduced in Skeleton Nest, Jaquin, Gehenna Bridge, Lago Celeste and Mansion and Dr.Torsche, Annex.

    14) When you accepted 'Faction Invitation', you could see 'Faction Information' window (Before : 'Faction profile').

    15) A Cecile character's motion has been added; a motion with blinking eyes.

    16) Student President Ludin's 'Seduction' pose has been modified a little.

    17) Blue Flame Ludin's 'Lie down to Left'(recover) pose has been modified a little.

    18) Event Pet Box (Santa Grabber) has been changed to 'not tradable'.

    19) Pet Box(Noble Popo) and Pet Box(Red Popo) have been changed to be tradable.

    20) Some of tooltips of Artifacts have been changed.

    21) Period item ticket icon and color have been changed to divide between each type.

    - 1 day : Blue, 7 days : Green, 15 days : Silver, 30 days : Gold, 90 days : Red
    (Some of period exchange coupon items didn't changed yet. It is supporsed to be changed soon.)

    3. Fixed Contents.

    1) The problem that during gathering seal ointment for Raven quest in Viron Scenario, when finish one route of quest, the other route still remained, has been fixed.

    2) The problem that In 'Ork's Request to Collect the Yellow Book' quest, when a player gathered all of the quest items, 'the Yellow Book', the players could not go to the next step normally, has been fixed.

    3) It has been fixed the problem that 'Holy pepper' buff was disappeared after using Patrick's 'Fuego' skill.

    4) After withdrawing from GE pioneering faction, it has been fixed the problem that the faction withdrawal penalty message box was shown to the player.

    5) During lack of Declare War Point, if you declared the enemy which had declared already again, the wrong message, 'You are in lack of point' was shown. This problem has been fixed.

    6) Raid Info. / Constellation Token / Area - Some of text has been fixed.

    7) The problem that a character could not get the proper 'HP' ability even though they have the proper condition putting on certain Artifacts, has been fixed.

    8) It has been fixed the problem that 'Flame Ground' skill was not applied in Possession Fire stance.

    9) It has been fixed the problem that the icon on the upper of Equipment merchant NPC in town was not showed.

    10) Some family still have the 'Mysterious Altar' quest, this problem was fixed and it will be deleted after the maintenance.

    11) Some AI of monsters in 'Armonia, El Templo' was not working properly before, this problem has been fixed.

    12) When a character moved to a battle area and they were unable to move, if they click 'Mission again' button in Barracks, they went to log-in screen instead, this problem has been fixed.

    13) The problem that personal shop was possible outside of town, has been fixed.

    14) If a family refused 'Call from Simon Ayende 3', they could not proceed Garcia recruitment quest, this problem has been fixed.

    15) It has been fixed the problem that some factions showed the name of deputies twice.

    16) After moving 'Quest check windows UI', then you logged out or closed the client, the position was not remembered properly. This problem has been fixed.

    17) The following quest Warp moving location has been changed.
    - Torsche Mansion Scenario quest [Five Elements - Otite of Wind(2)]

    18) The problem that Novice items can be used over 25 family level in a specific situation has been fixed.
    (Novice item : Novice soul crystal, Novice Teleport scroll, Novice steroid portion, Novice triumph filer)

    19) When you use 'Resurrection' skill of [Innocentio], the effect was not applied immediately. This problem has been fixed.

    20) [Negotiation] and [Secret Meeting] was not completed in 'the list of Whole quest' UI for those who were completed Garcia Recruitment quest before. This problem has been fixed.

    21) The problem that the quest 'Call from Carlos' that you receive When you enter in Coimbra, was not properly completed in some situation, has been fixed.

    22) Knock back / Knock down : Sometimes a position data between server and the client was not matched. (fixed)
    - The problematic case that attacker and defender's position in a certain situation looks awkward, will be fixed continuously.

    23) The problem that the enhancement effect was not showed properly when player equipped 'Armonia Mace', has been fixed.

    24) The problem that Armonia, Latina 2nd boss monster absorbed 'Injured Crusader' NPC, has been fixed.

    25) The problem that Cannon Turlets in the Farm could not attack around Monsters, has been fixed.

    26) During the buff [Blessing of Popo], [Blessing of Acorchado], character's HP became 0 and then recovered to normal. This problem has been fixed.

    27) In a play time event, if a family login the game with another PC, the playing time was not applied properly. This problem has been fixed.

    28) When players used a spinelle at the area with obstacles, only spinelle was consumed and monster was not summoned. This problem has been fixed.

    29) When Players proceeded [Trace of Montoro 2] and [Heart of Ryrin] at the same time, even when a player stimulated Heart of Ryrin with Nucleus of Ghost, the quest was not completed properly. This problem has been fixed.

    30) The problem that 'Call from Idge' quest was not deleted properly in the list, has been fixed.

    31) The problem that 'Call from Panfilo' quest was not completed properly, has been fixed.

    32) If a player chosed 'Request of Simon Ayende' and completed Garcia recruitment quest, then [Negotiation] and [Secret Meeting] quest was not completed properly. This problem has been fixed.

    33) When a player use 'Justice' buff with Lora Constans character, Ignorance of Magic skill attack was not applied properly. This problem has been fixed.

    34) During Valeria Vendetta use [Chain of Elimination] skill, [Invincible] buff was applied but some of other buff was gone. this problem has been fixed.

    35) When players equiped Beginner Belt (30 days), Max HP was increased by 2000. This problem has been fixed.

    36) When a player equiped every kind of belt, Max HP increase option was applied 2 times. This has been fixed.

    37) During proceeding 'Viron Militia' quest, the quest position did not show up properly before, this has been fixed.

    38) Armonia 2nd Scenario quest / Sirius stance quest : The problem was fixed that players could not talk to the Commander William NPC. This has been fixed.

    39) During Cano's Heart mission, Cano used the skill 'Richard's Holy Sword' on the spot. This problem has been fixed.

    40) In Armonia daily mission, Knight of Chaos, Sometimes the boss monster could not recognize users around himself temporarily. This problem has been fixed.

    41) When Abyss Sorrow Monster was in status of no-battle, the monster didn't return to its original position. "
    This problem has been fixed.

    -The End-

    Thank you.


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    13) The item drop rate has been reduced in Skeleton Nest, Jaquin, Gehenna Bridge, Lago Celeste and Mansion and Dr.Torsche, Annex.

    sounds rly crappy to me.

    annex best spot to farm mats for summoner and otits for basement, lower droprate == no summener and no basement run cause we need too long to farm for this. not worthy anymore.

    skele nest. atm the only place where u can lvl flying stances afk cause of the high droprate of +200mp items. if u lower the droprate, we rly should lvl this stances aktive? mehh, what a waste of time.

    dont like this changes, but this is only my opinion/feedback ^^

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    Retired in a distant and very happy world.
    I think the same. Also Lago is incredible to lvl vet toons. No, pleaaaaaseeeeeeeee.

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    well those places have been nerfed over and over again almost every goddamn patch. publishers can't do much (*looking for a miracle) since it's a global patch made by monkeys of imc.

    they don't want us to get our artifacts, they don't want us to get strange items for caths', and hell they don't want us to turn our looting pets on lol, simply they don't want us to afk farm at all. i guess their just gonna put all those items that drop from those nerfed areas to cs/feso shop in the near future tsk tsk.

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    IMC policy: nerf moar and moar in every patch. QQ

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    Not bad GEEU Rosa cheaper than Ralph.
    Very respectull move from you regarding old player here. 1500 EGC now for an average of 200+ box to get rosa at the time she was in lyndon.
    I don't know if you remember the drop rate of the old lyndon box. It seems you don't so i'm refreshing your mind.
    Next level scam after soulbringer in lyndon for 2 days.
    Well done GEEU keep doing good work.

    Edit: Keep doing useless update when people can't even kill Montoro or Tigress that the way to go
    Last edited by znezne; 10-02-2014 at 10:56 PM.

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    They nerf more and more... I don't know why rush updates in a young server, sounds ridiculous for me, but whatever...

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    Screenshot_14.png kkkkkkkk 10/10
    ну его нах
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    Hey GEEU, i know it's a long love story between us stronger than my romance with my darling Zniarks but still why did you ban me? :<
    You told me i could trade to t3fun?? why don't you ask Greshnik47 about our trade instead to ban every account i log on? I told you 50 times i gave him vis and armor for rare npc on t3fun.
    From Paris with love Bernkastel le roi de la pastel.

    PS: Zniarks is the king, bow down to the king!

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