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    Pre-Announcement of December Update Details

    Dear GEEU Fans,

    We announce about December Update on 23th of December 2014. (Version - 23.41.50)
    We hope to hear your feed back about the details. Related Events for update and Christmas are going to be followed as well.

    New Contents

    1. New Character 'Loreta' will be added.
    - Equipping Tonfa, [Eagle Crow] can be used.
    - [Eagle Crow] stance and Skill Rring will be added to 'Ring Box of Richard' and 'Stance Ring Box'.
    - Job skill ring will not be added.

    2. Hard Mode' will be added to Demonic missions in 'Bounty Hunter Guild'.
    - The way of mission entrance and the removal way of entrance restriction is the same as normal Demonic missions.
    - In order to remove the restriction, you need 80 Token - Bounty Hunters Guild or to use Boosting package already.
    - In Hard mode, Mission rewards will be improved and Monsters' HP / ATK will be increased comparing with normal mode. (*added)

    3. Event Tap' will be added to Mission Information Center.
    - When Event Mission has been added.

    4. 'Holiness' buff Tutorial will be added.
    - When you went to 'Armonia', you may receive '[Holy Bless] Armonia Holy Water' quest and after talking with 'Baruch,
    the Priest of the Armonia Cathedral', you could receive Lv 200 Holiness buff.

    5. 'Berthe and Charles' Sub Quest will be added.
    - A player who completed [Thanatos] stance quest can get the quest mail when entered to Armonia.

    6. Related with Clique Battle.
    1) In Clique Battle Rank window, 'Total' tab will be added. You can check Contribution Rate in 'Total' tab.
    2) Auto resurrection position will be expended 5 to 10 in Coimbra.

    7. UI guide function will be enhanced.
    - It will show more spotlight button and Icon when a change or addition of UI.

    8. New Character 'Cadet Leonele' will be added.
    - Equipping Pistol and Rifle, he can use exclusive stance, [Extrem Punisher].
    - [Extrem Punisher] stance and skill ring will be added to 'Ring Box of Veiren' and 'Stance Ring Box'.
    - Job skill ring will not be added.

    9. Expert Stance Book Shop' will be integrated.
    - Players can buy Expert Stance Book from Master, Guardian in each town.
    ('Emilia's Expert Stance Shop will be combined to Master, Guardian NPC Shop as well.)

    10. In the following Veteran Stances, They will be achived automatically according to the situation of character promotion.
    - 'Master, Guardian' in each towns will not sell below Veteran Stance Book anymore.
    - Veteran Stance Book will be given to players when a players reached Veteran promotion.
    - In the Stance Achivement quest, Stance Books below Veteran will be deleted and replaced with other items according to the difficulty of quests.
    - In case of the existing characters, Stance books will be given to players considering with the condition of promotion.
    - If you use a Master promotion card, Veteran stance can not be activated in a certain situation, it will be fixed upcoming patch.
    - After the maintenace, the possessing stance books will be compensated with Vis.
    (Below 100 lv Stance Book - 5,000 Vis, Veteran Stance Book - 100,000 Vis)

    11. The following NPCs' Favor Rate will be added to Favor Rate UI.
    [NPC List]
    Guard, Ester
    Guard, Bruno
    Guard, Innes

    Changed Contents

    1. 'Boosting Package' service will be changed.
    - EXP/Drop rate/Stance EXP increase 40%
    - Possible ot enter Ancient areas except Forgotten place and Ancient En Celar.

    - EXP/Stance EXP increase 50%, Drop rate increase 40%
    - Monsters regenation time will be increased in Ancient temple of Castilla area.
    - Removal of Hard Mode entrance restriction free of charge.

    2. 'Chaos Knight will be changed as follows.
    - Normal level of difficulty has been deleted.
    - Once the mission begins, 'Gate' on both sides of regional map and 'Corrupted Dullahan Guardian' will be created.
    (During the fixed time for the mission, if you couldn't defeat 'Gate', you would not attack it again, and 'Corrupted Dullahan Guardian' will created in every certain time.)
    - 'Dullahan' Monster will be changed.
    - A.R. and D.R. will be decreased 83 to 81.
    - DEF will be reduced 255 to 229.

    3. The period terms of Returnee Item will be changed as follows.
    - Returnee Reward Item: 'Event Warp Extend - 20', 'Event Warp Free pass', 'Fabulous Return'.
    - 30 days Returnee: 3 days -> 7 days
    - 60 days Returnee: 7 days -> 15 days
    - 90 days Returnee: 15 days -> 30 days

    4. 'Token - Bounty Hunter Guild' will be tradable.

    5. The change of drop rewards ways in 'Armonia, Ancient En Celar', when players killed 'Ancient Abyss and Sorrow/Gloom', the player who accumulated more damage to the monster could receive the rewards.

    6. Notice Message UI will be improved.
    - Upper UI 'Post' icon will be deleted.
    - Upper UI 'Notice' icon will be added.
    - If you got 'new', 'Notice' icon will be twindling and when you clicked, you can check the main messages.
    - The existing Post will be included to Upper UI, 'Community'.
    - 'Letter' icon on the upper of Minimap UI will be deleted.
    - In the 'Family Attribute Page', 'Notice of Family Attribute' check box option will be added.

    7. Some quest will be changed in Armonia area as follows.
    1) The root of obtanable 'Evil Thought of Cray and Maddie' will be added to [Returnee] 'Control'.
    - When you receive the quest, you could receive '[Returnee] Control - Fury Madness Evil Thought' quest mail at the same time.

    8. The limitation of Vis trade will be increased 10 billions to 20 billions.

    9. In the Ancient Castilla, Temple, the drop rate of normal weapons will be increased by a small range.

    10. 'Meteo Shower' skill damage will be increased during 'Magic Enhance' buff was applied.
    (Blue Flame Ludin and Student President Ludin)

    11. Possible number of Squad participation will be increased 12 family to 24.

    12. 'Valkyriecrasher[Trebuchet]' has been changed.
    - If you already have the item, it will be deleted overally and be given to you via Leonardo Expresso.
    - It will be equal to Master Level Valkyries Crasher, and have more range, HP and ATK.
    - Received 1 damage by every attack and skill, and especially it will be attacked by 'Castle Crushe' with far more damages.
    - Even though the summoner died, 'Valkyriecrasher[Trebuchet]' will last, but when you Moved a zone or log-out, then it will be deleted.
    - You can buy 'Valkyriecrasher[Trebuchet]' in feso shop.

    13. 'Novice Soul Crystal', 'Novice Steroid Potion', 'Novice Triumph Filer' will be changed.
    - During Colony War, you cannot use in Colony areas.
    - 'Bounty Hunter Guild', Token Merchant - General Item NPC will not sell these items anymore.
    - After completing Auch Scenario quest, 'Jaquin Prison Report', the rewards will be changed from 50 Novice Soul Crystal to 100.

    14. Max possible to registrate on Market will be extended 20 to 30 and whenever 1 slot is added, 3,000,000 Vis will be consumed.

    15. 'The ability of 'Valkyriecrasher[Trebuchet]' will be increased.
    - ATK Range, ATK SPD, ATK and Max HP will be increased.

    16. In Post UI, Informations of Sender's family will be saved as follows.
    - Deleted Family / Changed Family name / Moved Family, the name will show as the existiing name.
    - If you received at the first time from a family, you could see the message, "Unknown Family".

    17. During moving a zone, the partial chat history will be remained.
    - Whisper: Max 20 chat history.
    - Squad / Group / Faction Chat: Max 50 chat history.

    18. If you have both Normal character card and Event character card at the same time, 'Event character card will be used at first'.

    19. When you completed Berthe sub quest, you could receive Costume and Hair as a rewards.

    20. 'Cadet Leonelle's some of skills will be changed.
    - Job Skill My Way Cool Down: 90 sec. to 30 sec.
    - 'Ignores DEF' and 'Increase Casting SPD' will be added to 'My Way' buff.
    - When a player use [Extreme Punisher] 'Gun Slash' skill, during the casting time, [Unattackable] will be applied.

    21. In Direction Mission 'Sister' of Armonia scenario quest, if you defeated 'Dullahan Kabeza' monster, the timer will be stopped.

    22. In Tierra De La Sed and Clique Batte, it will be changed that'Soldier', 'Musketeer', 'Combatant', 'Sniper', 'Baron' and 'Advisor' NPCs will detect hiding status.

    Fixed Contents.

    1. In Target UI window, Buff tool tip function will be improved.
    - When you are mouse-over to Buff and Debuff Icon in Target UI window, the level and details will show up.
    - Except 'Family Attribute' and 'Armonia weapon blessing'.

    2. During Evasion / Blocking / normal Knock Back in long animation skill, there was some problem with Moving or unable to moving. This will be fixed.

    3. In Yeganeh recruitment quest, the proble will be fixed that Healing Ampule as a reward was divided with a normal Healing Ampule.

    4. 'Bait Box at the Crow Forest' and 'Make Killer Chocolate' Repeat quest auto receipt problem will be fixed.
    - When you proceed 'Bait Box at the Crow Forest', without starting the quest through Hunter June NPC of Lucifer Castle, basement laboratory, you can
    proceed it when you click the 'Box NPC' in Viron, the Crow Forest."

    5. When Fighter Favor Rate quest was completed, [Hunter June needs liquefied gas] quest showing problem will be fixed.

    6. Coimbra, Nunez yellow quest icon problem will be fixed.

    7. Manzana Filler's HP recover problem will be fixed.

    8. It will be fixed the indication error that Mental RES for Construction summons had.

    9. In a certain situation, the problem has been fixed that some of Loretta's skills like [Claw Back Step Sho] and [Blitz Rage] was not applied normally.

    10. Mireille / Electronic Kats / [Lightning Rod]
    - Range error will be fixed.

    11. When Catherine used [Aye Maam] job skill, the problem was fixed to show that the summon seemed to stop.

    12. Summon Ghost problem will be fixed while using Thanatos stance, Necromancy skill related field monster's buff.

    13. The problem will be fixed that 'Protection' buff has been applied when 'Holiness' buff was over level 150.

    14. When players completed ' Enemy of Today', ' For Them', 'Rest' daily quest in Armonia, could not click 'Want Ad Board' NPC in Armonia, Apostadero.
    This problem will be fixed.

    15. The problem will be fixed that 'Copy Family Name' was not shown in the Server Forum.

    16. Abyss Grimore Costume' and 'Abyss Destruction Costume's graphic error will be fixed.

    17. The Lora character's earring position will be fixed normally.

    18. Illust image will be changed in some of coat armors.

    19. Mission Lobby creation problem will be fixed in 'Mission: Secret Vault of Arsene' in a certain sitaution.

    20. 'Harvester' monster creation problem will be fixed when a player killed 'Soltiegus' in Mission 'Rose'.

    21. During Patrick recruitment quest, the problem will be fixed with remaining the unnecessary quest option.

    22. In the Ending menu, if you chose 'Change Channel' or 'Game Option', the Ending menu will be closed automatically.

    23. "Some of boss Monsters was taken abnormal status such as 'Fire', 'Freeze', 'Darkness' and so on. This problem will be fixed.
    - But, Debuff effect from Character skill will be applied. (Grinding, Grasped)

    24. During faction level-up, the problem with using Faction Activity Point will be fixed. In the past, if a user did not have enough Vis for that,
    faction level-up was not proceeded with the point.

    25. It will be fixed the problem that the Casting Bar UI of 'Falling Rock' skill was deleted by a Wide Skill.

    Related WPVP and Clique Battle

    1. When players tried to invite a friend in WPVP, it was not possible to invite when the friend was in different zone. This problem will be fixed.

    2. ATK of Shooting attack stance decrease by 10%.

    3. [Hiding] and [Silent Move] duration time decrease by 40%.

    4. [Thanatos] Stance will be changed as follow.
    - In [Soul burn] status, the increasing damage will be changed 2 times to 1.5 times.

    5. [Death Shadow Ninjutsu] Stance will be changed.
    - Death Shadow Flash : - 10%
    - Extensive Fetter Circle: - 16%
    - Shadow Teleport: +5 sec. for Cool down

    [Clique Battle]
    6. In Clique Battle Rank window, 'Total' tab will be added. You can check Contribution Rate in 'Total' tab.

    7. Auto resurrection point will be expended 5 to 10 in Coimbra.

    8. During Response time in Clique Battle, [Invincible] buff time will be chnaged 11 sec. to 6 sec.

    Stance & Skil Balance


    Thank you,
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    Will hard mode Demonic Mission give out better rewards?

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    * In Hard mode, Mission rewards will be improved and Monsters' HP / ATK will be increased comparing with normal mode.
    (Added to the original post.)

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    hardmode = probably more e92 on roulette or more Repu Cards, seriously they really should put some more interesting use of Reputation points.

    korea/jap version gives cash item though iirc.
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    well lets see what it will bring

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    How about lora's costumes? still locked.If possible send it after quest or send it now to players who completed or just add subquest >.<

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    Planned to add the costumes to Lyndon box. not planned ingame yet.


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    lol, why add recruit char costumes to lb? >.<

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